Project RarelyUsed Teambuilding Competition (round 18: Staraptor) submissions open until Augist 12thth)

:sv/Krookodile: Week 7: Krokodile :sv/Krookodile:
Krookodile has been a presence in this tier from day 1, being the most versatile ground type in a tier with a few good ground types. It's reasonably fast, reasonably strong, reasonably bulky and has two very strong abilities. Krookodile can play a variety of roles from a choice band wallbreaker to a choice scarf revenge killer and cleaner to a stealth rock setter to a sweeper with bulk up. And no matter what role it plays it will compliment the team well thanks to its electric and psychic immunities. There are a lot of directions you can take a team with Krookodile and I look forward to seeing them.

Teambuilding criteria:
Your team submission must be legal in SV RU and have Krookodile on it.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Friday, April 21st, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday, April 23rd.


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:krookodile: :bruxish: :magneton: :sylveon: :hattrem: :kilowattrel:

I wasn't very inspired this week so I decided to go through ishtar's builds as she's an amazing builder and I identify a lot with her style. This led me to the team she used during the week 2 of rupl which I found wonderful and didn't quite get the love it deserved with that game. So I decided to go from there and build something solid that could be relevant after the next shifts, so without all the brokens.
I came up with this para spam Bruxish SD. Magneton is really good for para with Discharge + bait and kill with its tera the dark types such as bonnet and krook which can be annoying for the fish. Sylveon synergies really well with Magneton. Hattrem is for hazard control, para and helping with lazzle. Kilo is for speed control, pivot and more para. And finally Krook is a really good scarf and here it can also serves as I cleaner late game after Bruxish's rampage.

Thanks again ishtar ! I wasn't sure about modifying the team of a talented builder but it ended up quite different in the end so I hope it's ok !
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This week isn't much of a competition with only one entry, so I guess RarelyEtc is the winner :krookodile: :bruxish: :magneton: :sylveon: :hattrem: :kilowattrel:

If anyone makes a Krookodile team they want to share this weekend, feel free to go ahead and maybe we can have a vote. Next Week might be delayed until we get the flamigo vote is decided.
I guess I'll submit mine;

:rabsca: :flamigo: :bruxish: :krookodile: :oricorio-pom-pom: :blissey:
Flamigo and Bruxish are both BROKEN but they have to kill themselves to make meaningful progress, which is why Rabsca is actually a great teammate for them. Krookodile is just kinda there, very solid mon but never the star of the show which is why there weren't too many submissions I'd imagine. PomPom is broken and with U-turn it further enables Bruxish to click buttons and make stuff disappear. CM Tera Dark Blissey beats opposing special setup mons like PomPom and Slowbro, even if Slowbro has Psyshock or Stored Power.

:sv/primeape: :sv/Heracross: Week 7: Fighting types :sv/Passimian: :sv/toxicroak:

With Flamigo banned from the tier, I thought it would be fun to let some of the fighting types that have lived in its shadow get a chance in the spotlight. Fighting types are one of the most abundant types in the tier, and they all have their own unique niches. These beefy brawlers all want to become your replacement for the bird, which one will you choose?

:Heracross:: Probably the one who looks like it will thrive the most in this new tier. It has overwhelming attack power with guts or moxie, the ability to hit Slowbro super effectively with a high power STAB move and the ability to sweep with a trailblaze speed boost. However, it has to make some difficult move choices for coverage.
:Passimian:: Passimian has access to knock off, making it a reliable progress maker and good tool on spikes teams. However, it has an inconvenient speed stat compared to other fighters and lacks a secondary type.
:Primeape:: Primeape has a very broken move in rage fist.
:Toxicroak:: Toxicroak has all of the tools that made it good in old generations and now access to close combat. It can be a physical sweeper with sucker punch for priority, good speed control with a choice scarf or even a special sweeper for surprise value and priority with vacuum wave.
:Medicham: :tauros-paldea-combat: :Crabominable:: There are a few other overlooked fighting types that can still put in work. Medicham in particular has its famous sky high attack stat.

Teambuilding criteria:
Your team submission must be legal in SV RU and have At least one fighting type on it.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Friday, April 28st, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday, May 1st.
:heracross: :bellibolt: :gardevoir: :cryogonal: :slowbro: :primeape:

What :Heracross: does't have in coverage, it has in powerful STAB. Tera Normal facade is surely to cook the opposing team once it's been chipped away enough. :Gardevoir: is running Choice Specs, it's so it can muscle through what would be walls a lot more consistently, instead of being a revenge killer. specs Moonblast has a 90% chance to 2HKO a standard :Cryogonal: meaning you don't have to predict the switch in with Psyshock.
Our friend Mr. Belli :bellibolt: is running Acid Spray in case you run into an unaware user such as :crocalor: but bye all means you can run volt switch, I just feel this gets walled by the lil' croc without it.
:Primeape: click bulk up and then rage fist when it's at a billion zillion base power and Tera Ghost if you haven't Tera'd Heracross, watch out for :Weavile: if you do... ok?

That's about all I'll say before it gets too long, good luck!
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:brute_bonnet: :heracross: :ditto: :revavroom: :mudsdale: :slowbro:

team i used for the suspect (even tho i didnt finish it in time oof) but with bonnet over flamigo, and it works even better with this change. :brute_bonnet: and :heracross: are two very strong wallbreakers that can easily overwhelm each other's checks, letting one of them sweep in the end game. :ditto: provides some nice speed control to this otherwise pretty slow team & can also work as a late game cleaner copying one of your opponent's mons. it also applies lots of pressure on your opponent, forcing them to keep checks not only for your mons but also for theirs. :revavroom: is a nice spdef pivot, that can tank fairy attacks and absorb tspikes. it also forces opposing arbolivas to feel less safe clicking their stab moves. :mudsdale: is one of the best rocks setters in the tier and a great physical tank in general, with roar to stop certain setup sweepers and rack up hazard damage. cm :slowbro: is an amazing wincon, able to 1v1 most other cm setup mons and a fantastic physical wall.

-bonnet has enough speed to outrun 252 speed arboliva since this team kinda struggles with the specs variant, tho you could easily run more/less speed if you prefer
-spikes on hera is just cause i like it and it forces progress even vs safe switchins, tho you could run smth like trailblaze or throat chop in that slot. im just personally not a huge fan of either
-max spatk on ditto is just in case you copy fsight bro
-revavroom has the minimum speed it can have while still outspeeding 252 bonnet, so that you can have slow parting shots on basically anything faster
-spdef on mudsdale lets it survive an electromorphosis-boosted parabolic charge from 0spa belli after getting soaked. it might seem situational but i ended up in that situation more often than what i'd like to admit lmao
-speed on bro is for palossand and mudsdale

aaand that's all, gl to all the other submitters!
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:masquerain: :gardevoir: :heracross: :clawitzer: :sableye: :coalossal:

Alright so I wanted to use mega Heracross this week cause I've seen some on the ladder and it seemed cool. This brought me the idea to play sticky webs to really take advantage of my loaded dice sd Heracross. Then I added pressure in specs Gardevoir which can koff + healing wish and wise glasses Clawitzer which has an insane coverage and can pivot. To round it up we have Sableye to be annoying and spin block then Coalassal to tank pretty much everything, add hazards and spin if necessary.
I went 15-2 on ladder when testing so I guess it's something. Sticky is pretty hard to play because you have to put pressure all the time but hera and garde carry in that department tbh. Hera can dismantle bulkier teams with the bro + cop/bliss + alt cores so easily which I feel like is a good reason on its own to play this set.

Ice beam on masquerain lets it win against alt, mud and palo
the speed evs on clawitzer are to outspeed krook at -1
I don't think specs is a good item for clawitzer because it really wants to abuse its movepool and life orb wasn't good with u-turn so I went for wise glasses
I prefer taunt on sableye to prevent defogs, burns are provided by coal cause I'm a lucky bitch
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:sv/Iron_thorns: Week 9: Iron Thorns :sv/iron_thorns:

One of two pokemon to drop to RU today without getting quickbanned and the second paradox form to fall to RU; Iron Thorns is an absolute menace. It's got the highest attack stat in the tier, a unique typing that is more negative than positive and some very strong moves. Dragon dance is the most attractive way to build it. but there are many attacks you can run on those sets. Will you go for thunder and ice punch for boltbeam coverage or loaded dice and rock blast+pin missile? In addition to the threats of massive damage, Iron Thorns has some very valuable utility moves that could make it useful outside of sweeping teams. It gets spikes and stealth rock as well as a phazing move in dragon tail. If you don't want to use dragon dance, iron thorns can rack up hazard damage with ease.

Additionally: Over the next 6 weeks, the winner of the most weeks will get a special discord role, if you need a reason to keep posting each week.

Teambuilding criteria:
Your team submission must be legal in SV RU and have Iron Thorns on it on it.

Submission deadline: Teams should be submitted by 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Friday, May 5th, voting will then go until 11:59 PM (GMT-4) on Sunday, May 7th.
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:lycanroc: :cloyster: :weavile: :oricorio-pom-pom: :iron-thorns: :krookodile:
lycanroc lead + 4 setup idiots + scarf moxie krookodile. Iron Thorns doesn't feel too broken, especially compared to its teammates here. Not much to say just a simple HO

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